WhatsApp Plus Free Downoad for Android

Every person Uses Whatsapp Messenger as the best messaging app for Android and iPhone, but few people use Whatsapp Plus. So, what is this new version? It is an unofficial application of Whatsapp messenger. This great app has a have lots of features that you can use and enjoy. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to get the latest version on any Android phone and how to restore your old Whatsapp Messages from luke daniels trickscentral.com.

Whatsapp Plus New Features:

On the old Whatsapp application the color is green but in this version is blue and you can modify Notification and also Icon color to any color you want and prefer. In the latest version of this application, you can send hight quality photos with reducing or without reducing its quality and size.

  • You can send voice messages like fiber, and in the old version, you can’t send it.
  • In this new version, your media uploading limit is increased to 50mb instead of 12mb.
  • You can modify any color of the background, header, notifications, etc.
  • You can install many themes, and in the old version of Whatsapp, you can’t do that.
  • In the old version of Whatsapp you can show your friends status by clicking on the name of your friend, but in Whatsapp Plus you can show it just below the chat.
  • You can Also modify message color, but I think you should choose a different color for date color, background color, group name or contact color, etc.
  • You can open a friend Conversation then look at media you’ve obtained by that friend.
  • There are lots of options and features given by this version you should check on your Android Phone.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus on your Android Phone Without losing your Old Messages:

1) To download the app, you must get it from the official website because you can’t get it from Google Play Store. You can download the latest version for free here: http://www.whatsapp-plus.net/download.php

After downloading the latest version just continue the below steps to Install it correctly!

2) Before installing Whatsapp Plus you must uninstall your old version, but before uninstalling it, you should get a Backup. Press the Menu key and then tap Setting. Then navigate to Chat settings and press on ?? Backup Conversations ?? to start the backup process.

3) Then navigate to Chat settings and press on ?? Backup Conversations ?? to start the backup process.

4) Immediately After Backing up, the Conversations uninstall the Whatsapp old version and install Whatsapp Plus. Then you’ll see the amazing welcome screen then press on Continue.

5) Then enter your mobile number and finish the verification procedure. Then it will ask you that do you want to Restore your conversations history just press on Restore.

6) Now, itll Initialize your Whatsapp it may need time-based on the number of messages you’re having. When the initialization process is finished just press on Continue.

7) Now Whatsapp Plus will start just press Ok.