Find us online.  Necessities and Temptations is on several different sites; each for their own reasons.

Our website showcases the store.  You can read about our products and services, find the newest feeds from our social media accounts, find out what is happening in the store, and find out how to contact us or visit us.

Our Facebook page is our most frequently updated account.  It is the hub of our online presence and offers everything from inspirational quotes to reminders about upcoming events.

Our Google+ page hosts pictures, reviews from Google users, and directions to the store.  It is not updated as often as our Facebook page, and is not the best way to directly contact us.

Our YouTube channel is a fun mix of silly videos we made, products we review, and other things we end up having filmed for the store.

Out Twitter feed is different from how our other accounts run.  It is very regularly updated.  However, it is updated with content from our other accounts.  We don’t offer much Twitter exclusive content (though we do reserve some tweets for only twitter).  Using Twitter lets our fans stay up to date without having to invest much time.

Our WordPress blog offers content we felt needed more space to write about than we could on other sites, but content that didn’t need to be on our website all of the time.  This includes more in depth information about products, reviews of recent in store events, and press releases.

Do you have a social media account somewhere that we aren’t on?  Contact us through one of our accounts, and we will see what we can do to create one.  You can always visit our website to find the list of sites we are on.  Look for the “Connect with Us” tab.